breaking up a fight

This example of the kingdom is made from a story by Rudy Carrasco of harambee in a recent article called, ‘playing backup.’

The kingdom of God is like Derek Perkins who breaks up a fight between two young kids in the neighborhood and invites both on a fishing trip in Mexico for the weekend.  Individually, the kids choose to go with derek because of their trememdous respect for him, but were still angry at each other.

On the boat, the waves started coming over the side and began moving the boat back and forth.  As tears of fear and anxiety overcame the two, they begin to work togther in bailing water out of the boat.  Eventually, when they made it to shore safely, they returned to the neighborhood as friends.  

I think Jesus had a similar experience with some fisherman, tax collectors, zealots and others who probably had to work together, lay aside their differences and begin friendships.  That is the kingdom of God.  Thanks Rudy for the story… Thanks Derek for working to allow the kingdom to be realized on earth as it is in heaven.  A small glimpse, but a glimpse. 


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a third grade classroom

a third grade class of celina at urban youth workers inspired this one.

The kingdom of God is like a teacher who passes out play money throughout the year to each student for behavior and classwork.  Obviously, the good kids had accumulated the most money by the end of the semester.  As the semester came to an end the teacher allowed all of the students with the most money to enter the store first and spend their money, which was earned through hard work, dilligence and being overall better than the other kids.  As the kids who had received less money throughout the semester entered the store, the teacher chose to lower the prices, so that these kids would have the opportunity to buy the same items with less money —  kinda like the kingdom of god.  

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The Start of Something Big

The purpose of this blog is to attempt to put a better face on “the Kingdom of God” through relevant, humorous, and real-life parables which we think may help us get a better view into this divine place and figure out our part in it.

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